All About Me

By: Mary Jean A. Castillon

     Each and everyone of us has our own first impressions during our first meeting.And as time pass by slowly we discover the real attitudes of our acquaintance or a friend might be.

     According to my friend their first impressions to me is that I am a strict person.Indeed, I am a strict looking person but as you get to know more about me you’ll be surprise that I am not strict it depends on the way you approach me.And I’m pretty sure you will be annoyed of my presence for I really talk a lot even those nonsense one.I am also open in sharing your problems except for financial one but if I do have I can lend you money without an interest.

     On the other hand, I love being in the company of matured friends and seldom with my age level. I also love being with my little friends to play games with and to tell and retell stories.I also love reading pocketbooks, browsing the net, playing tetris and chatting especially with my friends who are taking different profession’s in life both schools and work.

     And lastly, What I hate to a certain person is that, talking at my back although I’ve never heard them talking at my back yet , telling lies just to cover up their mistakes and selfish

     Above all, Jean is good if you treat me nice and I am a rude if you treat me bad.


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